Edited by Duncan Macpherson
Contributors include
Chris Doyle, John Harding, Michael Prior, Stephen Sizer and Jean Zaru

The Third Millennium of Christian history will undoubtedly attract a considerable amount of attention and interest to the land where Christ was born. This will be happening at a time when the continual exodus of native-born Christians threatens the very survival of the oldest Christian community in the world.
Christian pilgrims are expected to come to the Holy Land in ever greater numbers. This volume is intended to help them, not in the manner of a conventional guide, but as a collection which combines practical ideas with a distinctive theological perspective. This is the perspective of Living Stones, an organisation which seeks to build bridges between Christians in Britain and Christians in the Holy Land and neighbouring countries.

Articles include

Historical treatment of Christian Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Past and present circumstances of the Palestinian Christians
The different denominational identities and organisations
The significance of Jerusalem for Palestinian Christians
The prospects for peace in the region
Chronological table covering 4000 years
Jesus the Jew and Jesus the Palestinian

Articles include

Definition of a Living Stones pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Information for worshipping with Middle Eastern Christians in London
Survival Arabic for meeting Living Stones pilgrims
Help in choosing a travel agent
Contacts and addresses in Britain
Suggestions for a pilgrimage itinerary with readings from Scripture
Review of travel guide books and literature
Selected hotels and hospices in the Holy Land

216 x 135 mm, 112 pages (approx.), paperback
ISBN 1 901764 30 3

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