A Treasury of Stitches 1850-1950

Margarita Skinner
in association with
Widad Kawar

Unlike previously published books on Palestinian embroidery, this book is perhaps the first to document by origin all the different motifs used on traditional costumes.
The heritage of embroidery is one of the great art forms of village life in Palestine. From mother to daughter, each generation added new inspirations to the traditional designs.
Margarita Skinner in association with Widad Kawar provides us with an illustrated catalogue of over 200 Palestinian motifs of the period 1850-1950.
Margarita Skinner lived in the Middle East for over twenty years and during that time participated in several Palestinian women’s projects.
Widad Kawar’s world-acclaimed collection is the largest in the Middle East and has been exhibited throughout Europe, Japan, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Paperback, 230 x 200mm; full colour, 210 pages
ISBN 978 1 901764 47 5
Publication summer 2007

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