edited by Naim Ateek and Michael Prior

This book contains the papers of the Third International Conference of Sabeel (the Palestinian Liberation Theology Centre) held at Bethlehem University, February 1998. Fifty years after the Nakba (catastrophe) of 1948, it remembers the past, assesses the present and plans for the future. It poses Israel the challenge of Jubilee, and asks 'What does the Lord require?'
The Jubilee (Leviticus 25) challenges Israel to honour the demands of the Bible's more attractive traditions. It insists on freedom and justice, bringing release to the captives and freedom to the oppressed. The injustice done to the Palestinians is the termite that gnaws at Israel's moral core. Israel must atone for its crime.
Keynote speaker, Edward Said, argues that in the wake of 'the misery of the Oslo Accords', Palestinians are worse off than hitherto. Meanwhile, Israel continues to absolve itself of any responsibility, and all the while, Binjamin Netanyahu speaks of peace. Hanan Ashrawi appeals for an inclusive peace that would respect the narratives of the two parties, and Knesset member Azmi Bishara argues for a bi-national, rather than a two-state option.


Naim Ateek
Michael Prior
Edward Said
Ibrahim Abu Lughod
Gordon Brubacher
Osvaldo Vena
Rashid Khalidi
Uri Davis
Elias Chacour
Rosemary Ruether
Jad Isaac
Goran Gunner
Stephen Sizer
Don Wagner
Marc Ellis
Lynda Brayer
Jonathon Kuttab
Mitri Raheb
Jean Zaru
Nicholas Frayling
Hanan Ashrawi
Azmi Bishara
Michel Sabbah
Edmond Browning

216 x 138mm, 256pp, paperback
ISBN 1 901764 09 5

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