Kenneth Cragg and Islam
Christopher Lamb

Introduction by Rowan William

Kenneth Cragg (1913-2012) was one of the most distinguished Christian interpreters of Islam in the 20th century. As missionary in Lebanon, roving enthusiast for Christian understanding of Islam throughout the Muslim world, Anglican bishop in Cairo, and university lecturer, Cragg transformed the thinking of many in the West. Islam for him was not a political, cultural or even a religious issue, but fundamentally a theological one. The Qur’an was addressed to the world not just to Muslims, so has to be taken with the utmost seriousness by Christians. Undeniably God is great, Allahu akbar, but how is that greatness known? Christians, he believed, are ambassadors for Christ to Muslims, so must be hospitable in heart and mind to all that Islam truly stands for.

Christopher A Lamb is a retired Anglican priest with long experience in interfaith relations in Pakistan and the UK. He is a Canon Theologian Emeritus of Coventry Cathedral. This book is a revised and updated version of The Call to Retrieval: Kenneth Cragg’s Christian Vocation to Islam (London, 1997).



216 x 135 mm; approx. 360 pages, hardback;

ISBN 1 901764 37 0

Spring 2004


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